What is a heritage breed?

The livestock of ol'...The farm creatures of long ago, whose familiar sillouettes graced the pastures, porches and fence posts of the countryside.  Those not yet transformed by the modern era of high production and tight spaces. Those who thrived. Who were bred for their longevity, their self-sufficiency, their hardiness. It's these that we value. These that we carry on.  So others might obtain the joy, health, and flavor of raising their own food, or having it be raised in a humane and healthy way!


Philosophy and Managment       Practices

We have a real concern for the welfare of our animals as individuals. We do not use antibiotics or other medications unless necessary, but will treat as needed for health and comfort. We do what we can to keep our animals alive and healthy, but those who need our extra help do not go into the breeding herd.

Welcome to Idle River Farms!

We raise crops and livestock here in Southern Michigan. Please see our 'for sale' page for expected farrowing dates as well individual animals that are up for sale from time to time.

The goal on our farm is to keep production up and stress levels down. Our animals are raised naturally, outside, in the fresh air.  We are not certified organic; however, we do grow our own non-GMO corn, and our feed does not contain hormones or antibiotics.  We want our animals to work for us without unnecessary, unhealthy additives.

Promoting the Family Farm Lifestyle

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