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Please contact us via email or telephone (269-719-9355) if you are interested in the following, so we can accomodate you as best as possible. Spring piglets especially tend to go very fast! Usually by January, spring pigs are spoken for, however, many people will cancel by the time farrowing comes around, so don't be afraid to get on the list! 

We have litters in spring, summer, and fall.  Late summer and fall pigs grow out great, so don't let fall/winter discourage you! They love to eat and don't flip their

water dishes when its cold. 



*** Red wattle piglets require a deposit. We generally contact individuals on our waiting list a couple weeks after piglets are born. They can then put half down in order to hold them.  Piglets must also be picked up at 8 weeks of age unless other arrangements are made. Please let us know if you'd like to be put on our waiting list.



  • Registered Breeding Stock $350
  • Feeder Pigs $90 (approx 30 lbs)





  • Finished Market hogs are currently $350 plus processing. We mostly grow to order, so if you would like one, please let us know.



Welcome to Idle River Farms!

We raise crops and livestock here in Southern Michigan. Please see our 'for sale' page for expected farrowing dates as well individual animals that are up for sale from time to time.

The goal on our farm is to keep production up and stress levels down. Our animals are raised naturally, outside, in the fresh air.  We are not certified organic; however, we do grow our own non-GMO corn, and our feed does not contain hormones or antibiotics.  We want our animals to work for us without unnecessary, unhealthy additives.

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